Aiming for safe and secure ramen that can be eaten by the whole family, we value the flavor of natural ingredients without chemical seasonings, and insist on handmade, freshly prepared ramen in our in-house kitchen.



Ramen added 5 pieces roast pork 1170yen

Wahu Chasyumen

Wahu ramen added 5 pieces roast pork 1170yen

Chasyu Tsukemen(Dipping Noodle)

Tsukemen added 5 pieces roast pork 1270yen


Chicken soup and salty taste. 920yen

Wahu Ramen

Seafood soup and soy sauce flavor. 920yen

Tsukemen(Dipping noodle)

Soup and noodles separately.

Seafood soup and soy sauce flavor. 1020yen

Topping Menu

Big size noodle+100yen
Bamboo shoots +150yen
Welsh onion+50yen

Side menu

Roast pork on rice

The roast pork and green onions and

mayonnaise on rice.

Medium size 380yen

Small size 230yen


Medium size 150yen

Small size 100yen



Introducing Tsurumusya’s Ramen


Our noodles are homemade. The noodles are made daily in the noodle-making machine located next to the entrance. The flour is a blend of “Kyoto wheat” and “Kita Honami” and “Haruyutaka” from Hokkaido, and the noodles are hand-kneaded one ball at a time.


The soup is made with Omi chicken from Shiga Prefecture, pork bones, and aromatic vegetables to create a light yet delicious and rich broth. For the soup stock, we add kelp, dried shrimps, scallops, and other seafood, as well as dried shiitake mushrooms to emphasize the flavors of the ingredients. The “Ramen” is seasoned with a salt base, while the “Japanese-style Ramen” is seasoned with a soy sauce base.

Flavoring Oil

Flavored oil is vegetable oil flavored with garlic, onions, and other flavored vegetables. No animal fat is used.


Chashu is pork shoulder loin cooked rare by vacuum cooking at low temperature. Seasoning is kept to a minimum with only salt to preserve the flavor of the meat. Two pieces are topped with ramen and seven pieces are topped with chashu ramen.

Bamboo Shoots

The bamboo shoots is made by boiling the dried bamboo shoots for several days in the store and then seasoning it with soy sauce, mirin, and other seasonings to give it a simple yet fresh and tender taste.


The boiled egg is made from fresh red eggs produced in Nantan, Kyoto Prefecture. The eggs are seasoned simply with soy sauce, mirin, and other seasonings to preserve the original flavor of the eggs.

Welsh Onion

The green onions are hand-cut with a Chinese knife from domestic green onions that arrive daily.